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Long time no talk! Not that this entry will qualify as talking, really. I'm just here to rec an incredible story I read last night. It's for Thor, if any of you are fans of the movie.

Can't Go Back the Way You Came by Pell, at AO3. Summary: Loki lets go. This is what happens after. (post-film; basically a fixit fic.)

If you're concerned about pairings, the pairing is Thor/Jane, though that is so not even the focus. Thor/Jane takes up a miniscule portion of the story. This is Loki's tale, and it may possibly break your heart at times. It'll put it back together, though.
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It's a WIP in first person POV (which, really, people need WARNINGS for? Please unbunch your panties, fandom), present tense to boot. I guess if I'm going to break my own rules I figure I should go all out. :D


West of the Moon, East of the Sun by KnifeEdge

Ooh, found it here on LJ @ [livejournal.com profile] knifeedgefic. No more waiting for the moderation queue. Hooray!

Enjoy, if you aren't already.

Unrelated, thanks for the kitten & birthday wishes, anonymous person! ::hugs::
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These are likely to be all Brennan/Booth, just so's ya know. At the moment, I'm making a conscious effort to include only completed stories, but the status will always be noted with each rec, just in case I get a wild hair and post an exceptional WIP.

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If y'all aren't reading Aloof Rocker Kryptonite, you should be. I'm just sayin'. (It's an All-human WIP, though, so if you've an allergy to those, stay clear.) Three chapters in, and this new author is totally making me smile. It has a few flaws, but generally speaking, it's great. And given the seemingly never ending torrent of, well. . . this is unlocked, and god forbid I offend any delicate sensibilities, so let's just say that stumbling into a fun, well-written, and engaging story from a brand new author was quite a nice surprise.

Anyway, I didn't think I could do story banners, but doing the one for [livejournal.com profile] dampersnspoons got me thinking I could, and so I've been meaning to try my hand at another one. This seemed as good as any to start out on. I have no idea if she'll even use it, so instead of waiting to find out, I thought I'd post it here and hope she won't care. I'm guessing not. hahaha And, besides, as Beth pointed out to me the other day, it's mine, I can post it. She's a very smart woman.

I learned my save early and save often lesson with this one. I was nearly done and PS locked up. Poof. All gone. Luckily I pretty much remembered everything I'd done to that point, minus a few specifics like exact colors of fill layers, but whatever. It's all sorted and now I save like a demon, and this one isn't hugely different than the first one. I think I'm proudest about something you can't even see because JM is covering most of it up. The attention whore. I kid! Yeesh, enough rambling about the boring process of getting this thing together. On to the banner. . . and read that story, darn it!

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Right, so in editing my original fic rec entry, LJ and its neat-o new LJ cut tweak ate half the freaking post. *is huffy* Adding one should not subtract three. I'm utter shit at math, but even I know that's not right. Anywhoozle, here's a shiny new fic rec post.

They'll be behind the cut, of course, as I add them.

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Because my opinion is so widely sought out ;), I've added a little Fic Rec of the Week over on the right sidebar. Really! Look ------->
There will be no rhyme or reason to the recommendations. Old, new, PG, NC-17... anything could show up there. Ratings will probably be included, they'll definitely be included for any stories NC-17 & up. And please, recommend titles in the comments here! :) ETA : I'm a la-la, and didn't think of this until now. If you check out a rec'd fic, and feel so inclined, please don't just leave the author a review. Leave a comment here letting us know what you thought of the story! Thanks! <3 xoxo
All fics listed over there will find a permanent home here in this post as they're replaced by the new recommendation.

Previous recommendations found here )
Buffy meets Spike on a bus while he's reading her opus novel. They are instantly enamored with one another but starting a relationship seems like a herculean task when everything that could go wrong, does.
Rating: NC-17
Complete: No

Falling by Kallysten
Spike/Buffy season 4. Receiving and keeping the gem of Amara makes Angel a tad too happy.
Rating: NC-17
Complete: Yes

And the Dream Will Set You Free by Randi
What if, at the end of Out of My Mind, it was Buffy who woke up from a dream?
Rating: PG-13
Complete: No


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