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It's almost time for me to leave for Dragon*Con and I am BESIDE MYSELF. I'm excited, and nervous, which is weird, but there you go. I'm weird, which should come as a surprise to approximately NO ONE. It's going to be a slightly different experience for me this time around, what with having all sorts of different fandoms now, instead of being focused mainly on the Whedon stuff. True Blood, Being Human, Doctor Who (Seven will be there! HOW EXCITING!), Smallville, Vampire Diaries, Star Wars (Princess Fucking Leia, guys), the skeptics and space tracks... I sense being very busy, and being very disappointed that I can't be in two or three places at once.

I have food, I have nerdy shirts (one I even made myself using this stencil. Oh my GOD, the DRAMA of that. Things I suck at: t-shirt painting. Even with stencils. ESPECIALLY with stencils), I have gel inserts for my Chuck Taylor's, and Aleve, and ThermaCare heat wraps (because I am OLD), I have new cute underthings (you never know, amirite?), I have an ice pack (because there will be hangovers), I have drugs to keep me from pooping, I have drugs to make me poop, I have drugs to help me sleep, I have things for stains on clothes. I have a HOT PLATE, for Pete's sake. And yet, I keep feeling like I've forgotten something major and that whatever it is will show my complete failure as a human being and will make this trip the worst ever in recorded history. I will, in all likelihood, contract dysentery AND drown trying to ford a river. You know what would've made the Oregon Trail easier? Wal-Mart. Evil, sure, and I never ever shop there in my day-to-day life, but their ubiquitous presence sure is handy in a pinch.

So. There are my neuroses on display. hahahaha

I always say I'll try and post during the con, but that never actually happens. I won't make any promises, but I will say that my new phone makes stuff like that way easier than my old Blackberry...so, maybe?


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