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Oh, look, I finally managed to get a banner done. Yay!


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Wow. The lj-cut was not cooperative.

Anyway, if you haven't read Bake Me a Bloody Cake before now, do yourself a favor and do, soon!
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I spent the other day reading another of zennjenn's stories over on ff.net -- really a great story line, and the girl can seriously tell a story. Spike's not a vampire in it, but Buffy's the slayer, and it's a few years post-NFA, and well, you just need to read it to understand. It's not perfect, but it's really very good, and I definitely suggest checking it out. Your patience will be rewarded, as AB says. Oh, a link would help, huh? hahah From the Ashes

Anyway, I wanted to make a banner for it, and here's the result. I'm not comfortable blending screencaps and such, but still and all, I'm pretty pleased with it.


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If y'all aren't reading Aloof Rocker Kryptonite, you should be. I'm just sayin'. (It's an All-human WIP, though, so if you've an allergy to those, stay clear.) Three chapters in, and this new author is totally making me smile. It has a few flaws, but generally speaking, it's great. And given the seemingly never ending torrent of, well. . . this is unlocked, and god forbid I offend any delicate sensibilities, so let's just say that stumbling into a fun, well-written, and engaging story from a brand new author was quite a nice surprise.

Anyway, I didn't think I could do story banners, but doing the one for [livejournal.com profile] dampersnspoons got me thinking I could, and so I've been meaning to try my hand at another one. This seemed as good as any to start out on. I have no idea if she'll even use it, so instead of waiting to find out, I thought I'd post it here and hope she won't care. I'm guessing not. hahaha And, besides, as Beth pointed out to me the other day, it's mine, I can post it. She's a very smart woman.

I learned my save early and save often lesson with this one. I was nearly done and PS locked up. Poof. All gone. Luckily I pretty much remembered everything I'd done to that point, minus a few specifics like exact colors of fill layers, but whatever. It's all sorted and now I save like a demon, and this one isn't hugely different than the first one. I think I'm proudest about something you can't even see because JM is covering most of it up. The attention whore. I kid! Yeesh, enough rambling about the boring process of getting this thing together. On to the banner. . . and read that story, darn it!

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Several banners under the cut. Some of you have seen some of these already, I'm aware. I may even inadvertently post one that I've already posted here. Yes, I need a better album system in photobucket. I am aware. Also, the irony of a cataloging librarian having categorization/sorting issues is not lost on me. :D

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