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Mar. 10th, 2011 03:23 pm
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all from the Supernatural season 5 gag reel. Probably all of these have been done before, but I had fun playing with Photoshop making them! :)

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larger preview and links here )
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Made a ton of icons & graphics, due to needing to clean out some Dropbox folders. Also, I heard Angel was having a bad week, comics-wise, and I wanted to show the big guy some love, because he's fantastic, no matter what insanity Joss inflicts upon him (and us). So this starts with him.

148 icons
27 Angel : the Series
2 Captain America
10 Criminal Minds
16 Community (potential spoilers)
19 Adorable animals and other miscellany
25 Love Actually
20 Rome
7 Spike & Buffy
1 Saved by the Bell
21 Tangled

9 headers
6 Love Actually
3 Seasonal


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4 graphics sets featuring Vampire Diaries and Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Icon preview:

everything else )
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From various promo images for Bones and The Vampire Diaries (if you're not watching the latter, you're really missing out. It turned out to be SO much more than expected. Also, it's full of painfully beautiful people. It's definitely not hard to look at.)


9 Bones icons
8 The Vampire Diaries icons + 2 headers (750 x 400)


here )
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1440x900 | 1280x800 | 1024x768 | 800x400 header

Feel free to snag the header, just credit me if you use it. Let me know if you'd like it personalized. Please comment if downloading. :)
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(800 x 400)


Bond & Bones have absolutely zero in common, I know. But fits of whimsy are hard to ignore. I did save the silhouette for maybe using in something else. Maybe! 

Both are snaggable. Comments aren't necessary but are always appreciated. Please credit with use!

gun barrel swirl from here
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Threw this together quickly this morning. Are there any MK fans on my flist? Have you seen the video? Holy. CRAP.  (If you don't know what Mortal Kombat is and you don't like gore, don't click that link.)


Clicking the image will take you to my deviantArt page. Full-size is 1440 x 900. I put this together pretty quickly, so if you spot anything wacky, let me know.


Jun. 6th, 2010 09:22 pm
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25 BtVS icons [from "Hush" and "Fear, Itself"]
20 Bones & David/Emily icons [various episodes, outtakes, and photoshoots]
15 Miscellaneous
25 Textures [space]

here )
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1 set (wallpaper[1440x900]+header[650x400]+icon)
15 icons (13 David & Emily, 2 Bones)

Set preview:

Download full size @ deviantART

Larger preview + banner  + icons here )

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] abelina for taking the time to preview the wallpaper and let me know what needed fixing (which ended up being that I shouldn't have tried to fix it in the first place!)

Thanks for looking—Enjoy!
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1440 x 900 px

A HUGE thank you to [livejournal.com profile] abelina for helping me out with everything, but most notably for helping solve the Washington Monument Difficulty. This a much improved version from what I started out with. And we won't even talk about the Boothicorn incident. (It's traumatic, and best left to fade into the past, trust me. ::grin:: )

I've looked at this on three different monitors, and everything looks okay, but if you spot something off, please let me know.


Larger preview (1024 x 640) and full size download available at deviantART.

800 x 400 px header here )

Enjoy! Comments are so very appreciated. :)
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Tried something new today. Would love to hear your thoughts, good, bad, or in between. Though be gentle with the bad, yeah? :D

1 1440 x 900 wallpaper
1 750 x 400 header
1 icon


Full-size and the rest here )
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2 800 x 400 banners

1 1440 x 900 wallpaper

I'm happy to customize anything, just ask. If you use either header, please remember to credit, thanks! Comments are much appreciated.

click here for images and links )

I'm now on deviantArt. I'm slowly (very slowly) starting to post some things there. I'm still trying to get the hang of things there, so any suggestions would be welcome. :) 
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38 miscellaneous icons
14 Spike/Buffy icons [challenge entries]
2 banners [1 challenge entry, 1 filled request w/variations]

here )
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Rainy spring days are perfect for staying in and fiddling with Photoshop. Here's a set of graphics that includes a wallpaper (1370 x 1060 px, with or without text), a header (750 x 350 px), and icon.

All are snaggable, and if you'd like any of them personalized, just let me know. Please comment if you liked, are taking, have a problem, or would like to provide constructive criticism. Don't forget to credit me if you take and use the header or icon. Thanks very much and I hope you like! :)  


links and full size, here )
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Preview of the header:

Get it (here) (footer is here)

Click the thumbnail below to see the Persona in use

(Info on Firefox Personas)

UPDATE! -- Get the Persona HERE at the Personas Gallery. This is a lower quality version of the one you can install manually, however.

Okay, here's the deal. You need Personas Plus to install a Persona manually. I didn't realize there was a difference. :( You can get that HERE. I tried to upload to the gallery, but the file size of the header is too big, so that will have to wait until I get home and can crack open Photoshop and hopefully bring it down. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. I think I'll leave Personas alone after this. :\

Instructions on installing a custom Persona )

I'm still trying to dial this in, the suggested width is 3000 pixels, so that's what I've done, but that means that a lot of displays won't show the shiny bits on the left. So, if you like this and would like it resized to fit your screen (if 3000 pixels is about 1500 too many, for instance) let me know. I do have a version that's 1280 pixels wide.

Of course it's all snaggable, and I hope you enjoy! :)
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Okay. I posted this last night, hated it five minutes later, had poster's remorse and yanked the entry. After a nearly complete rehaul, here's the new improved (I think) version.

It's absolutely up for grabs if you'd like. Please don't repost it anywhere, though. Would love to hear from you, love it, hate it, and anything in between.


Larger size (links to 1280 x 768 version) and LJ header version here )
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I keep blowing off doing taxes in favor of making icons. Oops! Anyhow, here are 31 "Pangs" icons, from season four of BtVS.

All are snaggable, please credit me with use. I'm happy to personalize, as well, just ask. Please don't alter them, they're not bases. Thanks!

Comments mean so much, don't be shy! And crit is always welcome. Let me know what you think. :)


Icons! Get yer icons! )

While I've got you, please go check out (and join!) [livejournal.com profile] c2c_buffyawards, a new awards site for completed BtVS & AtS fan fiction. The nomination period opens March 1, so start thinking of stories you'd like to nominate! Spread the word. :)


Jan. 27th, 2010 10:03 pm
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30 "Tabula Rasa" Buffy & Spike icons
30 Miscellaneous/stock images

here )

Comments are ♥, please credit with use. Enjoy! :)
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Oh, look, I finally managed to get a banner done. Yay!


Full size here )

Wow. The lj-cut was not cooperative.

Anyway, if you haven't read Bake Me a Bloody Cake before now, do yourself a favor and do, soon!


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