Aug. 31st, 2010 12:08 pm
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Have y'all seen any of the footage from this movie? 720 p trailer I'm intrigued, and I find the setting unspeakably creepy, but I'm more scared that M. Night Shyamalan being attached to it means it will suck beyond the telling of it. :\ I have noticed that he's not mentioned much if at all in the newer ads... Gee, I wonder why? hah.

I won't find out until it's out for rental, though, because I don't know anyone who will go to the theater with me to watch it and I am SO not woman enough to sit through a scary movie at the theater by myself.

So I was supposed to be packing for D*con today, and hitting the road tomorrow. Work & finances being what they are, though, I had to cancel. :\ My condolences to the JM fans that were going to see him there. Drat that guy for getting a job! (But seriously, that blows, guys. So sorry!)

Random: I adored the opening of the Emmys. I mean, oh my god, it's adorable and happy-inducing. Not happy-happy like "Oh no, Angel's lost his soul!" ::flails::-happy, just the big grin variety of happy. Although there's probably someone out there who it was happy-happy for and well, that's just disturbing and I'd rather not dwell.

Sorry for bailing on you with that image in your head, but work beckons. Now that the ILS appears to be working again, I should scoot and do actual work.
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And I'm really not sure why. Because it's a little schadenfreude-y, perhaps. In any case, I saw this bit of advice from sci-fi author A. Lee Martinez (via io9):

Just because you can write something, that doesn't mean you should. The burden of the novelologist is self-control. Not just the self-control to make yourself write at a reasonable pace, either. I'm talking about the ability to take a good idea and not use it. Movies and television have a natural control mechanism. They have budget and time constraints that make some things impractical. The original Star Wars films are infinitely better than the prequels, and it's not because of the writing (which has never been the movies' strong point). It's because the originals were made with a budget, without CGI. Just because someone could imagine it that didn't mean it could appear on screen. And that made the original Star Wars trilogy stronger versus the prequels, which are overindulgent, so crammed with visuals and ideas that none of them really get the time they deserve to get us invested.

Reword this a bit, like, replace "Star Wars" with "Buffy" and "CGI" with "badly drawn comic book 'art'" and I think then it would be great if someone could slip this to Joss. I hate that this comic book debacle has made me seriously question my Joss-love. A year ago I'd have been thrilled he was going to direct a big-budget Avengers movie. Now? Not so much thrilled and more with the trepidation.

I can think of a few instances where fan fic went down this kind of path to wtf-ery, too. Maybe they turned out all right in the end, I don't know. I bailed way before the end of those stories, too. Anyway.

Shorter post: What he said.


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