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Okay. I posted this last night, hated it five minutes later, had poster's remorse and yanked the entry. After a nearly complete rehaul, here's the new improved (I think) version.

It's absolutely up for grabs if you'd like. Please don't repost it anywhere, though. Would love to hear from you, love it, hate it, and anything in between.


Larger size (links to 1280 x 768 version) and LJ header version here )
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Because we can never have too much of '77 Spike, right?

I'd love to get your feedback on this one, so please, love it or hate it, leave a comment! :) updated! I thought I'd try a drop shadow behind it, so there's a second version of the banner available, now with added depth. I hope. hahah

Please comment if you like these, are taking any, have a problem, or would like to provide constructive criticism. If you'd like anything personalized, let me know. Please remember to credit me if you use. Thank you!

Banner preview:

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I'm a huge goof and was nearly finished when I realized that the banner I was making for my [livejournal.com profile] seasonal_spuffy posting day used the same image of SMG as a banner I submitted last round. D'oh! And I've had a rather simple Spike banner sitting here for a while, staring at me, so I figured I may as well post it, too.

Here they are, with some matching icons to go along with. Please comment if you liked it, are taking it, have a problem, or would like to provide constructive criticism. Credit me if you use any, please. Thanks! And, as always, I'm happy to do any personalization you'd like; just ask. :)


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I hate it when my folders get out of control, which they were doing, so I sat down and made myself finish these so they can go into my Posted folder. I might be a little type-A. hahah

Anyway, two of these are from when I first started dinking around with banners. I think it's pretty obvious which those are. hahah And let's all have a giggle over my questionable idea of putting five Spikes on one banner, though I admit it's hard to tear your eyes away from Punk!Spike, who's all Grrr! and neck snappy. That should be a turn off, yet...so totally not. I just won't put "soulless killers" on my Playboy playmate bio sheet under Likes. Also, I've realized I may like soft glowy blobs of light a little too much. I'm going to have to watch that I don't overuse it.

Enough with boring you with my wacky thought processes. I get rambly before bed, sorry. Banners under the cut. Like something? Let me know! Have a suggestion for something I could do better? Bring it on! I love learning from mistakes. :)

Three banners, Spike and JM.

Full size. Cha! *jazz hands* )

Icon spam

Jan. 4th, 2009 11:30 am
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I posted these icons over on [livejournal.com profile] noel_of_spike for their open posting day. But since I just learned to how to do fake cuts, they're only over there, and I'd very much like to have them here, too. So, pardon the spam. I'm done for the day. At least icon-wise. I think. ;)

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