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xtanitx ([personal profile] xtanitx) wrote2011-08-15 08:48 am

I appear to have a type

Meet Henry. He's a dead English guy with a thing for punk rock. You know, like that other dead English guy who has a thing for punk rock. (That sounds faintly ooky when it's all typed out, hahaha!) I stumbled into Spirited in a fit of boredom and I'm utterly enamored of it. Thank you, Australia! ♥

Here's the promo for the upcoming episode. All you really need to know is that she's alive, he's a ghost, she's the only living person who can see him, and they're each other's TWU WUV. This show, and this 'ship, fill all my romantic, so-sweet-it's-almost-diabetic-coma-inducing needs.

Is there anyone else out there watching & loving Spirited?