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Oh, how I missed you. I really really did.

Against all logic, I adore the ever-loving crap out of you. You have a lot of problems. Loads. Too numerous to really list, you see. You're such a hot mess of story lines (fairies! vampire hierarchy! in-bred were-people! grrl power! witches! domestic disharmony! andy's a junkie! LITERAL HORSEPLAY!...and you know I'm leaving things out. TOO MANY POTS COOKING, ALAN BALL), laughable situations, terrible accents, even worse acting, and possibly the least intimidating vampire fangs EVER (see: "laughable situations"). Also there's the little matter of what you've done to Lafayette's hair.

And yet I am SO HAPPY you're back. Glee filled my heart with every new cracktastic minute. Pretty much I was keening with delight by the time it was all over. I can't wait for next week's installment of the utterly REDONK happenings in Bon Temps. Welcome back, my horrible guilty pleasure, welcome back.
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Long time no talk! Not that this entry will qualify as talking, really. I'm just here to rec an incredible story I read last night. It's for Thor, if any of you are fans of the movie.

Can't Go Back the Way You Came by Pell, at AO3. Summary: Loki lets go. This is what happens after. (post-film; basically a fixit fic.)

If you're concerned about pairings, the pairing is Thor/Jane, though that is so not even the focus. Thor/Jane takes up a miniscule portion of the story. This is Loki's tale, and it may possibly break your heart at times. It'll put it back together, though.
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I'm on a heee-uge Superman Returns kick. And, in what is becoming SOP for me, I've made a desktop wallpaper for my current obsession. Probably I'll be making more. I seriously can't get enough of Lois/Clark at the mo'. IT'S A SICKNESS.


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This was too clever not to share. From the Twitters, via @stephenackroyd:


The royal family invited a Time Lord, it appears. Or more likely, didn't, and he crashed it, 'cause that's how the Doctor rolls.
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Mar. 13th, 2011 07:14 pm
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Mar. 10th, 2011 03:23 pm
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all from the Supernatural season 5 gag reel. Probably all of these have been done before, but I had fun playing with Photoshop making them! :)

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So, okay, confession: I have a ridiculous fondness for Beauty & the Beast tales. I fully expect this movie to be all sorts of bad and yet I can virtually guarantee you that I'll love it and want to have its babies anyway. That's how I roll.

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I've finally learned how to make animated gifs in Photoshop. SO OVERDUE. And talk about a fuckin' time-sink! :D It gets easier with each one, yeah, but still. It's taken me three days to make just four gifs, (there's a whole lot of stuffing it up going on; I keep doing things backwards :/) and there's only one I don't hate in retrospect. Total admiration for people who make these things by the boatload and make them well! Anyhoo, I had to share my first non-cringe-inducing (I hope) animated icon.

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*woo arms subject to removal if I have poster's regret later ;)


Feb. 5th, 2011 01:56 pm
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3 icons from last night's Supernatural ("Like a Virgin"). Nothing fancy, but, well, I had to. Like pretty much the rest of the fandom. ::grin:: Slightly spoilery, I suppose.

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Please comment if taking, credit if using. &hearts


Feb. 5th, 2011 09:57 am
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Misha Collins is on the D*Con guest list. http://bit.ly/aIeO6 \o/ \o/


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